3-The Care Chain

One-Finger Drug administration is here to stay: The technology is ready now

The Medical Care Chain- starts with the 5 rights

  • 1-Right patient
  • 2-Right medication
  • 3-Right dose
  • 4-Right route
  • 5-Right time

The five rights demands the  identification of  not only the drug but also requires patient -ID , the nurse-ID, the physician-Id ,the drug-id , and the TIME-stamp

This chain contains more chains more codes(Diagnostic codes;Procedural codes, topographical codes, ICD,…….etc) not necessary to be integrated with our codes

luckily we are specialized in ID-Technology and Encryption . We hold  the international patent for Data encyption see  

We are Known for driving an ID from Finger print for Health-ID , It is the best  U-are U  system . this together with our nanocom Pad, provides complete solution for  The 5-rights

Many hospital are using serialized coding , or National-ID for in-patients, unfortunately it is not possible to  integrate these IDS  into the  in house system

Briefly… National Id which every citizen has , should not be used, because it could be used to access the patient medical records by, employers, business partners, banks,….. and could be misused

Right  solution for the right cause from NanoCom

After extensive research, we came up with Nanocom  Pad and this pad as you saw has the drug code, the physicians prescription, The dose, The route, the patient, Rx… also has finger print facilities which is used by our software  to carry out  U-are- U to identify the right patient, what better thing you need, it  is all in ONE-STOP-INFORMATION system that a health care personal should carry in his pocket it is without RFID, OR wireless system, or a nearby computer, just update it before your tour

    See How fingers are converted to Patient -ID