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    WE are Consultant for Color Encryption and Data Security .we have the tools to fight drug counterfeit click here

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    In USA, there is a watch dog committee to police the market
    In Europe they intend to use data matrix, to track and trace drugs
    others use serialisation

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    There are many types of technologies
    holography - RFID
    PVC embedded- UV ink

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    The fight against Counterfeit drugs cannot be won with barcodes, each country has differnt Internal drug distrubtion system The Arab Pharmaceutical has now the Solution

The Drug Counterfeit fake drugs

Simply: Drug Counterfeit cannot be defeated with Barcodes alone

Barcodes in the Pharamceutical Sector is not as necessary as it s in the Groceries, Where identification of grocery items in the supply chain and position of sale saves millions as the quantitiess and the volumes are just too huge. While in the pharmaceutical sector they do not have long queues in the pharmacies .The health sector is inundated with 

  • Wrong Patient
  • Wrong Drug
  • Wrong Amount
  • Wrong Route
  • Wrong Time
  • Plus Expired and Counterfeited drugs,
  • drug documentation in Small prints

Therefore, any bar-coding system should aim at validation of the Quality of the Drug at all stages in the supply to prescription chain .The five patients’ rights are of utmost importance in the medical industry and not just a  solution to  the Point of Sale .In the  past it was believed that   the medical industry needs a good bar-coding system .There are too many barcoding systems including our color barcode .  Today ,the latest  developments in the IT  offers  many cheap alternatives   read here the Barcode telltale




Counterfeit medicines are medicines that are deliberately and fraudulently mislabeled with respect to identity and/or source. Use of counterfeit medicines can result in treatment failure or even death

 Now you can find  counterfeited dugs  classified as life-threatening  drugs to  inexpensive generic versions of painkillers and antihistamines drugs

There are three types of Counterfeited drugs.The good,the bad, the Unknown


which is perfectly safe, but lacks legal documents, and this the result of bad government formalities , that encourage the importers to avoid waiting for three to six months for legal formalities while the drug is reaching expiry


This type of drug may include products with the correct ingredients or with the wrong ingredients, without active ingredients, with insufficient or too much active ingredient, or with fake packaging. This is the killer


These drugs are badly labeled, and produced not according to GMP and it is not intentional


Counterfeit Statistics are virtually nonexistent. And the best source is the Drug companies .but they are reluctant to release information that might harm the marketing efforts for their branded products. Approximately ten  percent of world trade is in counterfeit goods, according to The International Chamber of Commerce and 40% of brands counterfeited are composed of a list of only 25 brands. Counterfeiting is a criminal activity that can have tragic consequences 

The Causes of drug counterfeiting

  • Patent Law:

    The intellectual property laws that allow the drug manufacturer to get High patent rents which attracts counterfeiting
  • outsourcing:

    The drug Manufacturer, in a effort to sell at lower price to low income countries(Market Discrimination is the oldest form of brand Marketing ) they outsource the manufacturing of their brand to Asian countries as predation stragey .
  • These drugs find their way into , the distribution channel at much reduced prices .80% of seizures of counterfeit brands are traced back to where they were manufactured under licensed.
  • The Penalties:

    Counterfeiting groups thrive in countries where the anti-counterfeiting laws are weak
  • InterGovernment Drug Import regulations encourages the shift from trading in nocartic where the penalty is high to Medicine where you get away with Confiscation and small fine

  • Repacking:

    The repacking and wrapping and overwrapping ,by pharmacies camouflage drug counterfeit (hospitals do their in-house HUD(Unit-Dose) from cheap generic drugs.

The solutions

Do not globalize the solution ,each country is a legitimate battlefield.  On 2 January 2013, the legislation in Europe will require changes to good distribution practices, and will increase liabilities and penalties for those who trade counterfeited drugs within the supply chain. They will assume equivalent responsibility for the authenticity of the pack as the original manufacturer, and introduced End-to end traceability. While FDA , have  issued new guidelines in 2010 and gone for E-pedigree



The supply chain infrastructure in the pharmaceutical industry is in a bad shape. Today, the information technology, offers so many  cheap solutions, powerful  enough , to make the industry very safe. We believe, that the industry is beating around wrong bush by adopting, the wrong technology of E-pedigree... this will invite more aggressive kind of frauds called , Pedigree Hacking, a field totally alien to the pharmacists