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Five rights of the Patient

  • Right patient
  • right Time
  • right Drug
  • Right Dose
  • Right route of administration

These are highly dependent on barcoding the the chance of patients receiving the wrong medication at the bedside

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We ask. What is the point of buying all that high tech gadget and barcode scanners at bedside when only 10% of the drugs arriving hospitals  are coded .

Theoritically, this figure should increase to 100% but the drug companies are putting considerable pressure on the governments for general exemption if they can prove that compliance with the barcode requirement would adversely affect the drug’s safety, effectiveness, purity, or potency or not technologically feasible

This is being abused and give the manufactureres “a way out.” leaving the hospital to take the plunge and do substantial amount of in-house repackaging and they may have to do even more, if the volume of barcoded unite-dose falls , which is not  a positive development

Again , this is the result of the barcoding terror, and which will be here to stay for a long time to come .Hospitals cannot wait. Many hospitals are taking the problem to latest state -of- the art technology , like drug cassette, RFID, Wireless scanners, in house wraping and also buying  bedside barcode readers . We are offering a unique solution to this subject based on our  monitoring us

Wireless LAN access points should not be installed near microwave ovens. and acess should be limited to 10 mw

 To further protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) to other medical devices in the vicinity, FDA recommends wireless medical devices limit their RF output to the lowest power necessary to reliably accomplish their intended functions. FDA recommends you address the following issues regarding expected characteristics of the electromagnetic environment where your device will be used: n our field there is no Magic formula to figure out which coding system we should be used .In fact 10-20% of drugs arriving hospital carry barcodes, and the use of Barcode readers in hospital. Medical appliance might be affected with radio frequencies from wireless barcode readers ,……We believe that high desity bar codes doe not need wireless Readers it is more suitable for hospitals Each hospital must have it's IT enterprise Database Architecture.


it is sheer waste of time to use software out of the box

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