It is pity that Patients safety is becoming a  cover to protect Drug Brands
The  Counterfeit Campaign starts with  :10 % of world drug is counterfeited drug, it amounts to 210billion  dollars in lost trade...As a result of counterfeit and diverted drugs entering the drug distribution supply chain and endangering patient safety, the government must……….what is urgent is  to secure the supply chain . well what about the other chains?????.

The Medical Chains

The medical industry is composed of three disconnected chains, The supply chain, the prescription chain, and the Care Chain. The new European serialization of drug is concerned with  transparency in the supply chain from the manufacturer to the patient. This works in the grocery where there is only one chain ,but not in the medical industry ...Our procedure to handle  drug counterfeit is different... and it runs as follows:

In the grocery… the customer picks a trolley of bar-coded items to the cashier for identification and billing. While in the medical industry, the operation is reversed, it is  the pharmacists , who must go to the shelve, to identify, check stock  and price and pick the item in accordance to a notorious hand-written prescription

 Here , the first source of error is on the prescription pad.the second problem, is error from the supply chain, and the third is the absence of drug information

To Sum up the three chain are:

  • 1- The prescription chain  (the physician,, the pharmacists, the drug administrator) .
  • 2-The supply chain  ( the manufacturer, the warehouse, the pharmacists, the government regulations and QC)
  • 3- The Care Chain, (clinic, the physician, the hospital, the registration of the patient to his discharge, Picu, ICU, … tertiary care)

  The major reasons for the failure of automation in the medical sector, are

1-multitude of coding systems,

 2-Lack of standards,

3-Care system,rejects automation

In order to overcome those obstacles, it is necessary to have  cross reference code which is a common denominator, for all the codes( FDA, WHO, BNF...etc ) for the medical industry since the existing standards cannot be tempered with

One-Click prescription "writing" of commonly used medications is not very far away