2-The Supply  Chain

e-documnets  for "Shipping " of  medications is not  far away for Nanocom

The Supply Chain

We find the following in the supplu chain

  • A-  the manufacturer,
  • B-  the  Pharmceutical warehouses
  • C-the pharmacists + the hospital Pharmacies
  • D-The Custom Clearance +QC

2-A :The Drug Manufacturers

The manufacturers are shipping the drugs with shipping documents These documents contain valuable information that cannot be machine read…they are meant to be legal documents only. Any attempt to extract the information needed for bar-coding is a big manual task. While if they are delivered in a fixed format or standard format then we extract  the , the expiry dates , batch number, the quality, the quantity into the database where the barcode is already there but without expiry date and the batch,. Take the packing list there you can find all the information needed for stock control , the same thing with the invoice , the bill of lading…. and other certificates The manufacturers will do themselves greatest favor if they where to benefit from the standard form of e-Custom Clearance forms . This was applied in Iraq, we achieved mircles All invoices, bill of lading, packing list must be in e-format which can be machine read and the data is extracted to the database Today, these valuable data are kept as emails, papers, and files in the computer, which are not machine readable. Easily we can improve Communication within this chain, because the technology is already very advanced , especially for moving big chunk of data into databases, and to be queried immediately. The emergence of document oriented databases ,nowadays is making things much easier , the result for the supply chain is intriguing .in the groceries the customer presents the item to the casher and the barcode is skimmed off the pack, here the barcode is read from the shipping documents……..and the process of stocking starts , the manufacturers will have complete transparency and that is invaluable information, plus, traceability, and speedy delivery with all official documentations’ being proceeded before hand. Serialization is not necessary and expensive

2-B:The  Pharmceutical warehouses

 We can even prove that bar-coding for pharmaceutical warehouse is not important  because the data IS ALREADY CAPTURED and the items have already acquired new inventory code with bin number and a refernce key pointing to the database records  .All wareeshouses noadays have their ERP and RFID , sloting , picking packing...